bathroom fitter birminghamNext to the Kitchen, the Bathroom is another room that involves another level of DIY.  With plumbing, tiling, designing and installing, there are several professional skills required to create the perfect bathroom.  A bathroom fitter Birmingham will have the skills necessary to complete all of that tasks above whilst keeping the mess and downtime of your bathroom to a minimum.

At RW Plumbing we have encountered many DIY disasters where we have had to offer our experience to get amateur DIY enthusiasts out of a mess and get their bathroom in working order again.

From your selection, or help from an experienced bathroom fitter Birmingham we will ensure that you achieve your dream bathroom.  Whether you require a complete bathroom suite or simply change vanity units or alter your existing bathroom.  You may require a full or part tiled bathroom, RW Plumbing will help you make this decision and offer other solutions and ideas.Our bathroom fitters have a vast experience in tiling and can not only offer advice but also designs that will suit the room.

We will show various tile options including, ceramic, slate or porcelain for both walls and floors.As plumbers by trade our bathroom fitters have the necessary experience to complete any bathroom task including complete rip out and refit to simple alterations.  If you require your toilet moving to another wall or you bath turning 90 degrees this is not a problem.  When you choose a bathroom fitter Birmingham to fit your dream bathroom, it is important to be assured that your chosen team have the right credentials to take on the task.  Our testimonials and recent work is testament to our expertise and we will gladly give you access to our portfolio of recent work.

For your piece of mind, any mess or old bathroom furniture will be removed and all make do work will be included in the quote so your bathroom will be completely transformed as if we were never there.


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