Tiles are a family permanent fixture in your bathroom, so choosing the correct tile, style and colour is paramount.  RW Plumbing tilers can offer advice on choosing the right tiles for your bathroom installation.  As part of our bathroom installation service in Solihull we will offer samples to help choose.  By following our guide below you will have a better idea of how to choose the right tiles.

1) Tile Colours

If you have a small bathroom with little light then go for lighter tiles to give the room a lighter airier feel that will not look to cluttered.  If your bathroom is blessed with lots of light then the decision becomes somewhat harder as colours are not an issue.

2) Use Colours to Create Excitement

There are 1000’s of colours and designs when it comes to tiles and although choosing the right colour is essential for the overall bathroom, don’t be afraid to use bold colours or designs as a feature.  As tilers in Solihull we have produced some stunning results by creating features walls with tiles to highlight certain areas like behind sinks or showers.

3. Don’t Compromise on Price

Never scrimp on tiles, you can pick up high quality tiles at great prices when you shop around, but see them as an investment and not a cost and you will reap the benefits in both the overall finish and the added value to your home.

4. Buy More Than You Need

Plan ahead if you are buying the tiles yourself, RW Plumbings Tilers‘ rule of thumb is that you should order around 5 or 10% more tiles than you think you need.  this is ample to cover any unexpected areas or breakages that can occur.  This also ensures that you have order form the same batch.  Due to colour variances, tiles have batch numbers when they are made so if you go back to the tile shop to purchase more you may be getting a different batch.  Reputable companies will offer a refund on excess tiles that have been unopened.

6. Tile Sizes

Bigger tiles are not always the best option, consider the size of your room.  When browsing through tiles brochures you will always see large spacious bathrooms when larger tiles are used and this gives a grander feel.  Consider the size of your bathroom and whether a large tile will suit.

7. Add Interest to Your Walls

Simple techniques using border tiles and features tiles can add interesting elements to you bathroom.  Our tilers Solihull will offer advice on what colours, shapes and designs would work best for your bathroom.

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