During the holiday season our homes are usually left unoccupied for up to 2 weeks.  This is plenty of time for any underlying problems with your plumbing to cause a lot of damage without being stopped.  A dripping tap, blocked pipes or leaking pipe can be monitored and maintained while you are at home, but can be a huge problem to continue.  Your local plumber from RW Plumbing will only be too happy to come out and fix your ‘small problems’ before you go away.  We all know there are little plumbing problems that we keep leaving and putting off, but holiday time is the perfect time to get this sorted.

Always look for any damp areas under kitchen sinks and in your bathroom.  Water and damp can build up unnoticed over time, even from the tiniest leak, so ensure these problems do not exist.  Check external water supplies i.e. outside tap, for drips.  Water running down a wall constantly can cause severe damage to both the inside and outside of the property.

Your kitchen or utility room machines like washing machines and dishwashers should also be checked regularly for leaks.  Check pipes for bulges, cracks or general wear to prevent future damage.  Ask your local plumber for advice on replacing damaged pipes.

If you are away from home on holiday, make sure you get a neighbour or family friend to check your home.  If leaks or burst pipes are found early enough this will prevent further damage.
If you would like your local plumber from RW Plumbing to give your home a complete check before you go away please give us a call and will only be too happy to come and assess and potential problems.

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