Now that the weather is getting colder, there is a chance that unprotected pipes could freeze.

Initially you need to identify the location of the frozen pipe by checking the flow of water from all appliances.  Check for exposed pipes too, to prevent future freezing.

Once the frozen pipe has been found it is good practice to inspect it for any damage due to the expansion of the ice.  If there is damge and you melt the ice, then this damage will cause a leak.  The water supply should be shut off at the source before you attempt to thaw the pipe and you should prepare to contain any leaking water from the pipe.

Thawing the pipe

Open the tap on the affected pipe to allow water to flow as soon as the ice begins to thaw.

Use a hair dryer on the affected area and gently heat it, you could use a hot water bottle if it is easier.

Please note:
Only use a hair dryer if you are certain that the pipes or joints are not damaged and never use an electrical appliance where the is a chance of contact with water

If you are unsure please contact RW Plumbing, your local plumber in Birmingham

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