Due to rising costs of using hot water in the homes we are finding that more and more people are suing hot water more sporadically in the home. As plumbers in Solihull, we would suggest not to forget how important hot water is at keeping your pipes clear and free of grime and grease build up.

When you pipes are cold, grease and oil solidifies quicker thus creating a buildup, this can only be shifted by pouring hot water down the pipes to loosen it.  We would recommend that after finishing a nice cup of tea/coffee or making some pasta, before the water cools, pour the excess water from the kettle or saucepan down your sink to help keep them clean and clear.

If you would like more tips about how you can keep your pipes free from blockages or other problems our expert Solihull Plumbers will always offer you advice.  We are always happy to offer advice on any subject so give us a call or drop us an email now.

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