kitchen installation solihull

Deciding on a new kitchen installation Solihull is exciting but also a huge decision.  There are many things that prevent us from considering a new kitchen and these include the cost and the disruption without even considering the type of kitchen you want.

RW Plumbing will not only help you in choosing the best kitchen for you but we will also give you design advice for the best layout for your room layout.

Our checklist below will help you to decide on your new kitchen

1) Ensure that the company you have employed can be easily contacted throughout the installation.

2) Ask about what you get in the service i.e. do they remove and dispense the old kitchen? Do they offer a design service? Do they give you an estimate of the amount of time it will take?

3) Always get 3 quotations if you are choosing an independent kitchen installation Solihull in Solihull and Birmingham and make sure that one of the quotations is a recommendation.

4) Ask your kitchen installer how long you will be without your major appliances, i.e. your sink, cooker and washing machine.

5) Also insist on a schedule of work so you are completely in the loop with exactly what is happening and when.  This way you will be prepared for every stage.

At RW Plumbing we will be on hand to answer all of your questions at every stage and we will keep you informed of any delays in the work at hand

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