Plumbing Checks

In our second part to helping you spot potential problems that a surveyor would probably have missed, RW Plumbing Solihull will help you to identify obvious and not so obvious problems and allow you to do a few plumbing checks on your property.


If you get blown away by a strong air freshener and open windows when entering a toilet, this could be down to the owner trying to mask other odours.  Bad odours can be down to many things in the home and not just bad hygiene.  Blocked drains or damp are the main causes of bad smells in a bathroom.

Inspect drainage areas around the home for obvious signs of damage or neglect.  In the home try flushing the toilet and take particular attention to how the water empties out of the bowl.  check for the water backing up and struggling to go down.  Listen to the cistern and ensure the flush mechanism is smooth and that the water fills back up quickly and stops at the correct time without overfilling.

Check the Water Tank

If at all possible, ask tot see the water tank if it is easily accessible.  If it is in the loft and not easily accessible, then make sure you get it checked out before making an offer.  Signs to look out for on the tank are rust marks or wet areas surrounding it.  Corrosion will indicate that the tank has had problems or is still in need of repair

The problems we have listed will ensure that the most important plumbing issues are working correctly and there are no problems hiding around the corner.

AT RW Plumbing in Birmingham and Solihull we are often asked to check over a property before an offer is put it.  We will compile a report of problems to either ask to be sorted or help wth negotiations.  An affordable plumbing check can save you 1000’s

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