Although when buying a new home, you will have a surveyor to check a lot of areas, there are still a lot of factors to check in the property. At RW Plumbing Solihull we have compiled a few checks to do to spot for problems.

Water Marks or Stains

Carefully inspect the walls and ceilings for signs of water damage, damp or mould as this can indicate that there is a leaky pipe somewhere.

Whereas RW Plumbing don’t charge much to fix a leaky pipe, locating it can be time consuming and if left for a long while can cause all sorts of other problems.

A recently plastered wall or painted ceiling can be nice but it can also be there to cover up previous water damage.  Be wary if there is only one wall or ceiling that has been decorated where other rooms are untouched.

Check for limescale around taps and sinks for an indication as to whether you are in a hardware area

Central Heating Boiler

Boilers are not cheap, whether you are replacing or repairing.  A good idea would be to have it professionally checked before agreeing the sale.  A faulty or badly maintained boiler will help you negotiate the selling the price of the house.

If you choose not to replace the boiler and stick with the old inefficient boiler that is in place, it will end up costing you more in the long run if it is running inefficiently.  You won’t realise this until your bills have landed on your doorstep.

When viewing a property ensure you switch the heating on so you can check how well it heats the rooms up and if there are any problems with radiators.  Listening to the boiler can often expose problems. A noisy boiler is not a happy one.

Let RW Plumbing Solihull give your house the once over to help you pinpoint any problems or potential problems that are not obvious.


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