Obviously, the first thing to do when you experience a plumbing emergency is to call your local experienced Plumber.  The Solihull and Birmingham Plumbers from RW Plumbing are on hand 24 hours a day to help in whatever emergency you experience.

Burst Pipes

Always know where your stop tap is!!!  if you get a burst pipe you can prevent excessive damage by turning this off.  The you can call your plumber in Birmingham

Frozen Pipes

Again, turn of the water source at your stop tap if you experience frozen pipes.  It is generally external pipes that freeze as many people experienced after our very cold winter last year.  Once the water is isoloated call your local plumber in Birmingham

Smell Gas?

Call the National Grid free emergency 24 hour hotline if you smell gas – 0800 111 999. Deaf or hearing impaired – minicom / textphone 0800 371787.
Never ignite a naked flame / strike a match etc.
Never touch any electrical appliance (including light switches).
Put out naked flames.
Open doors and windows.
Keep people away from the affected area.
Turn off the gas supply at the meter using the control valve.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The deadly gas is created from fuels such as gas, oil, coal and wood, when they are not burned correctly, which is caused by poor installation.  A telltale sign that a product is producing CO is when it is showing low yellowy flames surrounded by excessive soot.

Carbon Monoxide exposure can cause death in severe cases and you will feel dizziness, headaches and nausea if you are exposed.

If you suspect CO poisoning ask your doctor for a CohB test. In severe cases call 999 immediately.

Ensure that all appliances are serviced on a regular basis, and fit a CO alarm, making sure that it meets the EN50291 Standard. Your CIPHE or plumber can advise how you can fit one of these.

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