We are currently experiencing some record low temperatures in parts of the country and with these conditions you will inevitably experience frozen pipes if you don’t prepare accordingly.

Pipes freeze because the water contained inside them expands and puts pressure on the pipe.  It does not matter if the pipe is plastic or metal.  At RW Plumbing we often get called out to homes where frozen pipes have caused problems.

We recommend checking any pipes that are exposed to the elements like outdoor taps, pool supplies and garden sprinklers.  Even internal pipes that are touching outside walls can potentially freeze too.

What if you have a frozen pipe?

If you open an outside tap and the water does not flow correctly then you most probably have a frozen pipe.  If this is the case then we recommend that you keep the tap running to release any pressure and prevent the pipes from bursting.  Any exposed pipewrok can be gently warmed using an electric heating pad or hair dryer.  You could even try wrapping hot towels around the pipes.

If pipes are not easy to reach then you should call a professional plumber.

To prevent any exposed pipes from freezing we recommend using pipe insulation that can easily be wrapped around and in most case will prevent them from freezing.

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