Lagging should not only be fitted to cold-water pipes in danger of freezing but also to any hot water pipes that are not producing heat to warm a room.

Lagging tubes made of foam are available for a range of pipe diameters.

The foam lagging tubes usually have a cut running along the length to facilitate fitting them onto the pipes.

Some foam lagging tubes have a silver foil lining to reflect heat back into the pipe, but these are generally more expensive.

Fitting Pipe Insulation is a simple DIY job, which will ensure that you will cut your heat loss by up to 70% whilst saving around 65kg of carbon dioxide per annum.  The Foam Pipe Insulation pays for itself quickly through savings on your energy bill. 

These Foam Pipe Insulators also help prevent freezing pipes which eliminates the risk of a burst pipe.  Fit to primary hot water pipes and start saving money quickly.

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