It is important to look at all the benefits of the various worktops on offer when choosing one for your kitchen.  Different worktops include laminate, wood, glass, granite, quartz, composite stone and stainless steel.
Granite Kitchen Worktop
Like composite, granite can be used around sinks and hobs.  This type of worktop is ideal for striking breakfast bars and islands.  Always in fashion and often found in luxury kitchens.  The two most popular finishes are high polished and honed matt for contemporary kitchens.  Again, we suggest you speak to your kitchen fitter before choosing granite as it needs to be professionally cut to the kitchen so will need to be considered in the design.
Granite is a very low maintenance surface and can be cleaned with pretty much anything.  It is also the most resilient of the surfaces as it can withstand very hot temperatures, is water resistant and very difficult to stain.   It is not as as pricey as composite at £200 per sq meter.
Laminate Kitchen Worktop
Although this type of worktop can be use in any area of the kitchen,  including hobs and sinks, it does however need to be completely sealed to prevent any moisture from penetrating underneath the laminate.  When left wet, the laminate worktop can swell and eventually rot.
Due to it’s laminate coating, it can comes in 100’s of different finishes to mimic real wood, granite, slate and composite.  It is not suitable for cutting directly onto and should be fitted in hot areas.  Your kitchen fitter will discuss if this type of worktop is suitable for your kitchen installation.  Like granite, laminate is very low maintenance and can be cleaned with most detergents.  Very easy to cut and shape around sinks, hobs and drainers.   This is the cheapest option for your kitchen at just £30 per meter for the thinnest type.

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