Whilst we are in one of the mildest of winters, the nights are still cold and we need to use our heating to warm our homes.  Knowing how to warm your home in the most efficient way without feeling the chill is extremely important and here at RW Plumbers Solihull we can help you.

Reduce or Eliminate Draughts

If you find that you have your heating blaring out but still feel cold or the rooms is struggling to warm up, you may find that heat is escaping through windows or doors.  Many feel that they have invested in new double glazing but forget to reduce draughts underneath doors.

You can simply eliminate draughts from under doors by buying some draught excluders from you local DIY store.

Invest in a Water Tank Jacket

They say to keep warm we should add extra layers.  This is also true for your water tank.  If you insulate your tank it will still warmer for longer periods and sustain the warmth when the heating is off.  Insulating your water tank can reduce loss of heat by up to 75%

Add Flooring Coverings

While wooden flooring looks amazing, heat can be lost between the joints and floorboards.  We suggest buying rugs for the autumn and winter to cover the floors and reduced heat from escaping.

Carefully Time your Central Heating

Theres nothing worse than trying to crawl out of a warm bed to turn the heating on in the morning, it’s also pointless, ass by the time the house has warmed up you would already be leaving.  Most boilers are fitted with timers, so make use of this and set your heating to come on a few hours before you get up so the house a nice and toasty while you’re in it to enjoy it.  You can set multiple timers to come on and go off when you need it.

You can now get apps for your phone that are wirelessly connected to your home so you can set the heating at any time. Ask one of our plumbers for more advice on remote heating apps.

Avoid Using Portable Heaters

Portable heaters are a great way of heating a space in a short amount of time or boosting the room temperature on really cold days, but they are very expensive to run.  Consider other options to keep warm first but always rely on your boiler as this is the cheapest option.

At RW Plumbing Solihull we are only too happy to help with your questions on keeping the costs down however possible.


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