A wet room is best installed by a professional, because unlike a regular shower cubicle, there is far more area to make water proof and far more procedures to follow.

RW Plumbings wet room installation Birmingham have been installing these facilities for many years so have overcome many hurdles and problems along the way which gives us a great insight into surveying a room for potential issues with the installation.


Making sure the drainage is correct is one of the most difficult area of the installation as the gradient has to be almost unnoticeable but enough for the water to drain perfectly so as not have puddles.  The gradient is usually produced using a ply sub floor that is laid as the base and then tiled over.  Other options include installing a giant flat shower tray that is hidden with tiles.

Waterproofing the Wet Rom

The entire wet room then needs to be waterproofed.  Waterproofing usually includes preparing the floor with a primer, along with the lower area of the wall around the shower area.  Once this has set, the area is ready to tile.


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