wet room installation solihull

There a several styles and types of wet rooms to suit everyones taste and style.  Not only are they the new must have accessory, but they will also add value to your home too.

A wet room is a completely waterproof shower area that is at the same level as the rest of the floor.  The surface has an almost indistinguishable slope towards a drain and has a non slip floor.  A full wet room has no need for an enclosed area but many people opt for a glass screen to prevent water from splashing into unwanted areas.  A wet room is the ideal solution to people with mobility issues as they are able to effortlessly access the shower area without the need for extra help or mechanical aids.

A wetroom is the perfect way to get the best out of a small space and can be installed on any floor, although it is not the kind of installation you would do as a DIY project, due to the complexity and skill required to produce a completely waterproof area.  Due to the greater coverage of a shower in a wet room, you will find that it requires less maintenance and is a more hygienic option that is suitable for the whole family.  We always recommend contacting a qualified plumber who has plenty of experience in this field.

Would you benefit for a wet room?

The first question you need answering is whether you can have a wetroom installed. Basically there is nothing stopping anyone having a wet room.  A wet room is basically just a shower room without the need for shower screens, curtains or a shower tray, so it is more open plan.  The room is fully tiled from floor to ceiling and completely sealed.

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